Introduction to Event Storming

Mirosław Pragłowski / @mpraglowski



  • discovering complexity early on
  • finding missing concepts
  • understanding the business process
  • visualise business process

How? (tools)

  • standup meeting, but no one should stand in the corner!
  • working chaos :)
  • everyone has a power (marker) to change anything
  • focus on business and on what happened not on technical stuff or data stored

Notation (sticky)

  • green: business event, something that happened
  • yellow: command - something that was ordered by user or other system to do
  • light yellow (big): business rules, something that knows what to do
  • pink: sagas, something taking set of events and based on that triggers an action (command)

we will adapt notation if we feel it is not enough!


  • throw-away model
  • understanding of domain
  • we will learn how to talk (common language)

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