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A model is a selectively simplified and consciously structured form of knowledge.

Eric Evans


... at least what I was told long time ago...

Value object

No identity

Values comparable



Domain object with unique identity.

Usually have mutable state.


Set of composed domain objects defining single consistency unit.

Root of the objects hierarchy is an aggregate root. Usually it is used as conceptual name of an aggregate.

My mistakes

Data is not your model

the model is not the diagram

Eric Evans

A model is a simplification. It is an interpretation of reality that abstracts the aspects relevant only to solving the problem at hand.

Eric Evans

All models are wrong but some are useful

George Box

Tactical vs Strategic

Tactical patterns

Value object


Aggregate / Aggregate Root

Domain Event



Focus on “items” used to build model.

Strategic patterns

Bounded contexts

Context maps



Focus on concepts, on communication, definition of ubiquitous language.

My mistakes

Redo the existing

If programmers are not interested in the domain, they learn only what the system should do, not the principles behind it.
Eric Evans

Bounded context & Ubiquitous language

Ubiquitous language

the shared language


coined by the team

in context of...

Bounded context

conceptual boundary

semantic boundary


Core domain

Supporting subdomain

Generic domain

My mistakes

There can be only one

Domain discovery

Model Exploration Whirpool

Context Mapping

Event Storming

DDD is an approach that even helps you determine when you don’t need it
The DDD paradox by Emilien Pecoul
Software development is a learning process, working code is a side effect

Alberto Brandolini


Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

Eric Evans

Implementing Domain-Driven Design

Vaughn Vernon

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Martin Fowler

Enterprise Integration Patterns

Gregor Hohpe


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